Our Story

The answer to this question is very simple and we are afraid to say it's nothing new.

Our founder was simply looking for a particular piece of clothing and after weeks of searching for it decided to make it himself.

After compliments from friends and other golfers he played with it was clear there was a market for particular pieces with a modern tour look and feel.

That's exactly what WARWICKHOUSE started out as, a tour ready look and feel with an interchangeable colour pallet.

After creating our first few pieces and testing them out on the course and on the range we knew we had something great and we hope you agree.

Founded 2019


Our Approach

We design for our customers in 3 Style Groups, and unlike most fashion bands we won't drop new collections for particular seasons.... WE DROP NEW ITEMS ALL YEAR ROUND. We constantly look for feedback from you and our Pro golfers to continue to bring you great items across our 3 style groups.

Check out our 3 Groups below... What style golfer are you....



WHSignature is our style group for. block colours!


Less 'out there' than the WHTour group the Signature items use classic colour combinations to help bring together a cohesive outfit from head to tow.

We use our stand out Swallow logo in strip patterns and in traditional locations to give you a recognisable golfing look on the course



WHTour is our style group for those who want to stand out a little more on the course.

Bold colours, vibrant patterns and items that challenge the status quo of golf!

This group will always be our most experimental and give us a chance as a brand to push the boundries

Our most popular group with customers and our Professionals



THE WHClassic group is all about the classic look of golf with a nod back to the good old days with classic patterns, colour combinations and fabrics.

WHClassic will be hitting the store in 2022